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All You Need to Know about Soil Based Probiotics

Probiotics have incredible health benefits and people are slowly gaining wind of the news and today, a lot of people are adjusting their diets in order to incorporate probiotics into their diet. However, within the field of probiotics, there is a new field known as soil based probiotics and these are very different from the regular probiotics that people are used to. So what exactly is the difference between the regular probiotics and the soil based probiotics? We will answer this question by focusing on the soil based probiotics and in doing so, hopefully show you the difference that is there between the two types of probiotics.

The big concern that a lot of people have had of recent with soil based probiotics is whether they are safe and healthy for consumption. In this article, the focus shall be to answer the question of what is the difference between the regular probiotics in the soil based probiotics and also, to show you that they are completely safe and healthy for consumption.

Our bodies house very many microorganisms that live everywhere including on the skin, in the gut and even our saliva tends to carry a large number of microorganisms. According to studies that have been done, scientists tend to believe that the ratio of microorganisms to their body cells is ten is one. They make organisms that live in our body, also known as bacteria, tend to be very different and some are good while some usually are unwanted in our bodies and might actually become the sources of some of the diseases that we suffer from.

When you combine the number of the good bacteria in the bad bacteria in our body, the form community that scientists have termed as a microbiome. When the microbiome is in balance, then everything in the body operates as it should. However, it is whenever there is an imbalance of the good and the bad bacteria in the body that a problem shows up. The role that the soil based probiotics play is that they help to create this balance between the good and the bad bacteria inside the body, ensuring that a person is always healthy. Find out more at

As this new field of soil based probiotics gained popularity, the biggest question that people are having is already safe for consumption and whether it is healthy as people who are used to the regular probiotics. As long as one does not have a compromised immune system, these soil based probiotics should be of extreme benefit to them. Discover more here:


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